Welcome to my website where you will find many examples of my work.  I hope you enjoy browsing, and please use the Contact page if you want to ask any questions or if you are interested in any of my pictures.  

I'm happy to discuss commissions including portraits from photographs. I am a member of the  Beechwood Artists' Group in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, the   Cookham Arts Club, and the  SAA. I work mainly in oils, both on paper and on canvas, and also in acrylics, soft pastel and oil pastel.


During lockdown I've been busy painting portraits of myself, and of fruit and vegetables!  See the Portraits and Miscellanous sections of the Gallery.  I've also done several paintings of the lilies in Monet's garden - see the Landscapes gallery.

Let's hope 2021 is better for all of us than 2020, and that we artists can freely exhibit our work again.  Meantime, if you're interested in anything you see in my Gallery, drop me a line via the Contact page.